Sound and acoustic

Sound Hub Denmark states the following about the collaboration with NORTO:

‘Focus on reducing unwanted noise through improved room acoustics is important for a healthy life.

Noise and poor room acoustics can have a significant negative impact on our well-being, which is why knowledge of and testing of room acoustics and acoustic sound absorbers to improve overall well-being should not be underestimated.

For NORTO, we therefore continuously provide test facilities, equipment, networks and knowledge – as well as sparring in the development process. Through sound tests in our specially designed reverberation rooms and in collaborations with other companies in the house, NORTO is a good example of the benefits of being part of our knowledge and business cluster around sound.

With their knowledge of good craftsmanship, a sense of sustainability and a high level of ambition for product quality, NORTO is a bid for an innovative company, where the acquired knowledge of sound will form the basis for even more relevant solutions with the end customer’s needs at the center.

We look forward to working with NORTO and to supporting them in their further development of sustainable acoustic panels’.

Peter Petersen, CEO & Rie Kold Pripsø, CCO
Sound Hub Denmark, Struer

NORTO & Sound Hub Denmark – A cooperation about sound and acoustic

As a part of the product development in NORTO, we want to offer products, that accommodate the growing demand and interest for sound reducing interior products for ceilings, walls and other surfaces in private homes, companies and public buildings.

Therefore, we have made a cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark, which are the first international technology- and innovationshub for entrepreneurs and start-ups working with sound and acoustic.

Sound Hub Denmark is located in earlier product developing facilities of Bang & Olufsen in Struer in Western Jutland (Denmark).

We are very glad and satisfied with the cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark. They have an inspiring and innovative sound environment in the City of Sound, Struer. They made facilities, equipment, network and knowledge available for us, so we will have the opportunity to develop existing and new acoustic products in NORTO. Already in the first phase of the product development we have had more positive aspects of the cooperation. We are also proud to support the local development work in Western Jutland. We are looking forward to the future cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark.

Peter Petersen CEO og Rie Kold Pripsø, CCO hos Sound Hub Denmark

Measurements of sound and acoustics for the NORTO products

Some of the NORTO products have been sound tested in a new and specilized reverberation chamber in Sound Hub Denmark. The reverberation chamber is a part of the exsting facilities in the building. The room is empty with hard materials at ceilings, walls and floors. This interior creates optimal conditions for testing the acoustic effects of the products. Read more about the Reverberation Chamber at the Sound Hub Denmark website.

This is how the NORTO acoustic panels have been tested

In the cooperation with Sound Hub Denmark we have worked with Peter Chapman, sound and acoustic engineer, who has tested the products and written a report about the results. Read more about the testing results for the products and the concerned product pages. The products have been tested according to the method described in DS/ISO standard 354. The acoustic properties of NORTO Dahl, NORTO Toft, NORTO Bech and a new product have been tested. The products have been tested by a method to measure the reduction of the reverberation in the room. The reverberation time is an expression for how long time it takes for before the sound disappear.

There has been measured the reverberation time in the empty room. Afterwards, we have tested some square meters of each product placed on the floor. There have been taking more tests of each product to get a qualified result. The overall result of each product is an average of all tests of each product range.

Get advice on the right acoustic solution

There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the right acoustic solution. Therefore, we recommend that you consult an acoustician to solve the problem of acoustics in the room. We have a collaboration with acoustic engineer, Peter Chapman, who can be contacted with questions about sound and acoustics or if you want advice and sound measurements for your specific project.

Peter Chapman comments on the collaboration with NORTO:

“After 25 years of working with sound and acoustics, it is a pleasure to see that people have begun to understand the importance of sound and acoustics in their everyday lives. Good acoustics in a room is important for our health and general mood – especially for people who use hearing aids. Both the client, companies with office space, restaurant owners and the private household are well on their way to understanding the benefits of good acoustics. Good acoustics can be equated with a good indoor climate. Solutions such as NORTO’s can be considered from the start of the construction phase, but can also be retrofitted and adapted to the individual room to achieve the best acoustics for a given usage pattern. Acoustics is a science and using the measurements or modeling, the right acoustics can be calculated for your room. NORTO has these resources available and can provide you with professional advice ”.

Peter Chapman
Acoustic Engineer, PC Sound and Acoustic

NORTO Toft akustikpaneler som skillevæg hos Turnpikes
Peter Chapman. Akustikingeniør

Measurements of sound and acoustics for the NORTO products

The acoustic panels NORTO Toft have been sound tested in collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark, which is the world’s first international technology and innovation hub for entrepreneurs and start-up companies within sound and acoustics. The sound test was performed in a specially designed reverberation room in Bang & Olufsen’s former product development premises in Struer in West Jutland. Acoustic engineer, Peter Chapman, made the sound measurements and subsequently analyzed the results.

NORTO Toft has been tested to see the sound absorption of the acoustic panel at a number of standardized frequencies. The data of the sound test enables a comparison with other similar acoustic panels in relation to specific sound challenges in a given room. NORTO Toft has milled grooves, which create level differences in the surface structure. The acoustic panel can be mounted with an underlying sound cloth or felt mat. This construction creates good conditions for noise reduction in the room.

The acoustic panel NORTO Toft has been sound tested on a number of different installations, as the sound can move through the Toft panels, and this means that the underlying construction can be adapted depending on the sound challenge you face in a given room. Some examples are shown in the graph below.

When mounted directly on a thin sound cloth with a hard surface, NORTO Toft absorbs up to 45% of the sound at high frequencies. To achieve good absorption properties at lower frequencies, mineral wool or felt mats can be used behind the NORTO Toft panels. Here, an absorption coefficient above 0.9 can be obtained.

NORTO Toft - Sound test graph
NORTO Holm - Sound test graph

Sound and acoustic in general

These years, sound and acoustic, play a huge role according to the building and interior trends. Good acoustic condition in a room is important to achieve a good and heathy environment, that is comfortable to stay in. The use of hard materials and surfaces in new buildings contributes to poor acoustic conditions in the room. A lot of people want to solve the problem with poor acoustics. In this context, there are several aspects to consider.

First of all, it is important to identify the problem with poor acoustics in the room. Actually, you can choose wrong materials and solutions, when you want to remedy the problem with the poor acoustic. Therefore, it is important to look at the dimensions and the interior in the room to choose the most optimal acoustic solution.

When sound hits a surface, some of the sound is absorbed in the surface, where some of the sound has a reflecting back in the room. In a room with hard surfaces, the majority of the sound, are being thrown around the room. Therefore, it takes relative long time before the sound disappear again.

In sound and acoustics, the reverberation time is an expression for how long time it takes, before the sound disappear. The reverberation time is the time for the sound to fall from 60 dB or for a thousand of the original sound. In a muted room, for example a sound studio, the reverberation time is short – maybe 0,2 sec, whereas, in a hard room with a lot of concrete and cast surfaces, the reverberation time can last several seconds. At longer and longer reverberation times, our ability to understand speak are significantly impaired.

Hard materials and surfaces have a so-called absorption coefficient close to 0, whereas soft materials and surfaces have an absorption coefficient closer to 1. The absorption coefficient is between 0 and 1. An absorption coefficient at 0,8 means, that 80 % of the sound is absorbed (the majority of the sound disappear), while 20 % of the sound is being reflected back in the room.

This is the reason why good acoustic is important in the interior design

Good acoustic is paramount for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate in a room. Interior and furniture have a significant role for the sound reduction possible in a room. The choice of materials for surface are affecting the acoustic experience, because hard materials as cast, concrete, glass and steal contributes a longer reverberation time and a poor acoustic. Wood a is “living” and soft nature material, that absorb the sound itself, and creates good acoustic the room. Good reverb and acoustic can be achieved when the surfaces have a raw, varied or crenelated surface structure, because the sound can get through and reduce the reverberation time.

To optimize the sound conditions in a room, it is important to consider the type of the room and the purpose, that the room must need. There will be difference how the room most optimal are being decorated in with sound reducing materials and interior, for example in a kitchen in a private house, a café, a meeting room or in an institution for children. The existing ceilings and walls also play a role according to the opportunities to achieve a better acoustic in the room.

Before you choose an acoustic solution, we recommend, that you consider the use of the room, because it has an importance in which acoustic solution, that is optimal for the concerned room.

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How to choose the right acoustic solution

When choosing an acoustic solution, there will be some elements, you need to consider.

Below, you can read about which elements, you need to consider, when choosing the right acoustic solution for your private home, company or public building.

  • Identify the acoustic problem in the room. The decoration, dimension and existing surfaces will play a role according to the sound effect.
  • Consider the purpose and functionality for the room. How many people need to stay in the room at the same time? Will people with hearing problems stay in the room?
  • Choose the right material – look for soft materials such as wood, that gives an absorption and sound reduction itself.
  • Interior solutions with difference in the niveous and mounting with cavity behind the surface with often help the acoustic problem, because the sound is able to move and reduce the sound by lower frequency.
  • Get help from an acoustician, that will help you the most optimal acoustic solution for your interior design. This will create a precise picture of the challenge, and it opens for the best solution.

NORTO offers different types of acoustic panels in wood for ceilings and walls. Our product ranges have been tested to see the acoustic effects of the products. Read more about the sound tests at the product pages NORTO Toft, NORTO Dahl and NORTO Bech. A new NORTO product is also sound tested.

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