Feb 25, 2021

Interior design with fire-approved materials

In interior design, price, selection, functionality, design and maintenance play a crucial role in our choice of materials, furniture and interior for the home. Security and safety are also factors you should consider in the interior design. Read more below on how to create a safe and secure home.

How to create a safe and secure home for the family
There are several ways to create a safe and secure home. It can be anything from good constructions and installations to the choice of building materials and alarm systems. Make sure to think about safety in the construction of the house itself, but also in the interior design itself. That way you can live more safely, and not fear fire or burglary. A good and healthy indoor climate is also an important factor to take into account, as it creates reassurance that you are not exposed to health hazards in the home. In general, wood is an organic and healthy raw material to mount on ceilings, walls and floors.

Select approved and tested building materials
Examine which materials are certified and approved. Pay special attention to choosing fire-approved materials for the large surfaces in the home, for example for ceilings and walls. Fire-approved materials create more security in the event of a fire broke out in the house. Make the interior and constructions as safe as possible and use fire-approved accessories, for example in the form of fire-approved sockets and the like in connection with the installation of ceiling and wall cladding in the home.

The advantage of choosing approved and certified materials
In connection with the sale of the home, approved and certified solutions and materials provide a higher value to the house. In addition, you as a family can live safely and securely if the home’s physical framework consists of fire-approved materials. Wood is a sustainable material that also in itself creates good acoustics and a natural indoor climate. NORTO offers fire-approved ceiling and wall coverings in certified wood.

Read more about our fire-approved ceiling and wall coverings here:
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