​How to make a personal wardrobe

Do you dream of welcoming your guests into a personally decorated wardrobe? The wardrobe does not only have to be a practical and functional interior element in the home. Turn the wardrobe into an aesthetic design solution. Read the guide below and get inspired on how to make a personal wooden wardrobe.

Before you start making a wardrobe
There are several things you should consider before embarking on making your own wardrobe. First of all, you need to decide where in the room, that wardrobe should be located. It maybe necessary to alter existing walls or move around other elements of the room. Maybe it can be built on the outside of a wall or ceiling? Therefore, you need to decide how large an area to use for the wardrobe solution.

Use housing magazines, interior design blogs, residential houses and your own network to find inspiration for different wardrobe solutions. There are many considerations, when making a new wardrobe – what materials should be used, what should the wardrobe look like and what colors should you choose? There are many creative and different wardrobe solutions, so start going on inspiration trips.

Choose materials and consider functionality
Once you have decided where in the hallway or your utility room, the wardrobe should be located, you can start considering materials and the functional properties. Here you need to consider, what needs the wardrobe needs to address. Should it be possible to hang a lot of outerwear and put on shoes? Should the wardrobe solution primarily function as a decoration in the room?

If you are a family with children, it can be an advantage to have solid materials, that have a long durability and can withstand daily use. In addition, it should be easy to clean, repair and maintain the wardrobe. Here, wood is a good choice of material, as it is durable and robust. Wood is also an easy material to maintain, as it can be sanded down or oiled to give it a whole new look.

If you are the type, who often changes expression in your interior design solutions, wood is also an advantageous material. Wood changes its natural glow and acquires a patinated expression over time, as it is a living material that “works”. You can also surface treat wood with oil, lye or paint and thus get a whole new look and color shade.

If you want space for a lot of outerwear, it is a good idea to build large surfaces, so that there is enough space for the outerwear. If the clothes hang too close, it can quickly look messy and not very inviting.

Determine style, aesthetics and colors
Once you have decided, what materials and functional properties the wardrobe should be able to meet, it is time to choose style, design, aesthetics and colors. You can consider, whether the wardrobe solution should contain many or few items. Do you want a stylish wardrobe with few elements or a rustic solution with a recycled look? You can possibly combine several types of design style – let the entrance have clean lines and white shades and give the wardrobe darker shades with a raw expression.

Also decide what small aesthetic elements and items you want the wardrobe to have. Maybe there should be a bench to sit on or put ornaments on? Maybe there should be a mirror?

The choice of color is crucial to how the whole of the room is experienced. If you have traditional light shades on the large surfaces such as walls, floors and ceilings, a colorful wardrobe will take focus in the room. If you have a wardrobe solution with more neutral colors, the wardrobe will be part of the rest of the room’s color shade. All solutions can work – you need to choose the style, that best suits your taste.

There is a large selection of different types of wood siding, that can be set up on ceilings or on the wall or in a corner of the room. Wooden cladding for wardrobe solutions is a popular choice these years.

How to personalize your wardrobe solution
Once you have made the big elements of the wardrobe solution, it is time to make it personal. For example, if you have fitted a wooden cladding as part of your wardrobe solution, you can personalize it in several ways. You can mount hangers in different designs on the outside of the wood panels, so that there is room for jackets, bags or baskets.

You can also mount a mirror on the outside of the wood cladding, as it is often a need, when you go out the door or you have visits of guests. You can also put a bench in front of the wardrobe, or you can mount shelves on the outside of the wood panels to get more storage space.

To decorate the wardrobe solution, you can mount pictures, put vases and candles on a shelf or bench or decorate the rest of the room with green plants, as they create life in the entrance hall.

The pictures show four personal wardrobe solutions with the wood coverings NORTO Skov 135 and NORTO Bech.

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Garderobe af NORTO Bech træpaneler
NORTO Skov 135 garderobeløsning i træ
Garderobeløsning i træ med NORTO Bech paneler
Garderobeløsning med NORTO Skov 135 træplader