Mar 4, 2021

How to decorate the walls of your home

Decoration of the walls has in recent years become a popular interior design trend. There are many opportunities to use the wall as an active part of the decor. Read this guide on wall design and get inspired on how to decorate the wall with sustainable materials.

Before you get started: What is the purpose of the wall?
Do you go with a desire to give one or more walls a fresh look in your home? If you want to change the current decor of the home, decorating a single wall can make a big difference to the look of the room. That way, you do not have to completely renovate or rearrange the interior. If you want the wall to be changed, it is first of all important to make yourself clear, what the purpose of the wall is, and what role the wall should have in the new decor.

In the initial phase, find out what you want to use the wall for. Maybe the wall behind the TV needs to be decorated? Maybe you want to decorate an entire wall, so that it has the function of a work of art or painting? Should the wall act as a sound-absorbing element in the decor? Should it be possible to mount shelves, hangers and pictures on the wall? In which room should the wall decoration be set up?

Look for inspiration for the wall decoration
Once the purpose of the wall is clarified, you can start looking for inspiration for designs, shapes, colors, materials and aesthetics for the wall decoration. Look for inspiration in home magazines, on social media, in physical interior design stores and with friends and family. Take your existing home decor and personal belongings as a starting point, and find a wall decoration, that suits your taste and needs. It is in this phase of inspiration that you become wiser to all the possibilities and your desires.

What interior design style do you want?
Once you are looking for inspiration, you are going to have to decide, what your wall decoration should look like. In relation to the design expression, you can choose between raw and rustic wall solutions, which give a natural expression. Minimalist wall solutions create calm and a stylish and timeless design expression. Choose materials that are both functional and aesthetic. For example, wood gives a natural and rustic look while creating good acoustics in the room. In the decision-making phase, you must also decide which colors and shapes the wall decoration should have. Do you want a wall decoration with a three-dimensional effect? Should the wall decoration be colorful or be neutral in the color expression?

5 examples of sustainable wall decorations in wood
The options for wall decorations are many. At the end of the guide, we have collected 5 examples of wall decorations, that consist of sustainable materials. All wall decorations are easy to assemble and maintain.

  • Example 1: Wall solution as a small decoration in the entrance
    This wall solution consists of sustainable wooden boards in the NORTO Dahl product series. The wooden boards act as a decoration on the wall in an entrance hall. The NORTO Dahl boards create a rustic 3D effect in the room.
  • Example 2: Wall decoration as a wardrobe solution with a specially designed shelf
    This is a beautiful example of a specially designed and different wall solution. The wall decoration consists of NORTO Bech wood panels mounted in the corner of an entrance hall. Hooks are mounted on the outside of the wall decoration. A wooden panel is mounted horizontally and acts as a shelf.
  • Example 3: Wall cladding in notches in the entrance
    This wall solution is very popular these years. The wall decoration consists of NORTO Bech wood panels mounted in a notch in an entrance hall. On the outside of the wall decoration, a wooden plate is mounted that acts as a seat. The solution can also be used for alcoves and the like. This interior design solution has a minimalist and Nordic design expression.
  • Example 4: Colorful end wall behind the television
    Here is an example of how the end wall behind the television can be decorated with a colorful wall decoration. The wall decoration consists of NORTO Friis wood panels, which are painted green and which are mounted horizontally. The wall solution is both personal and creates life in the living room.
  • Example 5: Wall decoration of wooden moldings on kitchen modules
    This is an example of where NORTO Leth wooden moldings are mounted on the back of the kitchen modules in a kitchen-dining room. The wooden lists are mounted in a sloping herringbone pattern. This solution creates a personal and different decorative element for the kitchen.

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NORTO Bech træpaneler som vægdekoration og garderobeløsning i privat entre
NORTO Bech vægbeklædning. Entré i privat bolig.
NORTO Friis træpaneler med grøn maling
NORTO Leth vægdekoration. Køkken i sommerhus.