How to easily and quickly mount the list cover NORTO Bech

Are you interested in getting a beautiful list cladding mounted on your walls or ceilings? Our list covering NORTO Bech is both easy and quick to install for everyone. Read below how to mount the NORTO Bech wood panels.

Before starting the assembly
Before you start the actual installation, make sure that the panels have been stored under the right humidity and temperature conditions, so that the wood does not pull or expand. In addition, prepare the surfaces where the panels are to be mounted. Measure on the wall or ceiling and cut the panels in widths and lengths to match the measurements on the surface.

You will need this for the assembly of the NORTO Bech panels
The panels must be fitted with a vapor barrier in accordance with current building regulations. The formwork boards must be at least 19×45 mm. The boards are set up with approx. 600 mm distance, so that the panels can be attached with divers on the formwork. It is recommended to use 1.6×38 mm divers.

It is a recommendation to have several people for the assembly, so as to ensure, that the panels are mounted correctly and straight.

We also refer to current building regulations when installing the NORTO Bech panels.

How to quickly and easily mount the NORTO Bech panels
The NORTO Bech panels must be screwed into the formwork boards with divers into the rebate (between the grooves). The panels are mounted one after the other by “clicking” them together in the tongue and groove. The wood panels are fire-approved to be mounted with both straight and offset joints. The panels are cut, if they are too long or wide in relation to the edges.

Sockets, lamp sockets, shelves, hangers, pictures and the like can be mounted outside the panels. Mark on the back of the panels and cut a hole in the panel to fit the measurements.

You must be aware of this after installation
After installation, you can dust the panels as needed. Use a dry cloth, vacuum cleaner or wrung-out cloth to clean the panels. We recommend avoiding the use of water in connection with cleaning. We point out that the color shade of the pine tree can get a darker glow over time, as the wood changes as a natural development process.

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