Mar 1, 2021

Bad acoustics in the office?

Are you a business owner who finds it difficult for your employees to concentrate in the office? Perhaps the problem may be due to poor acoustics in the physical office space. Read our guide below with inspiration and good advice to remedy problems with poor acoustics in the office.

Therefore, you experience poor acoustics in the company office
Several companies with large office landscapes are aware of the problem of poor acoustics. There can be several reasons, why you as employees experience poor acoustics and reverberation in the large room office. If you have several employees sitting close together in a large open room, there can be a lot of noise and interference from phones, keyboards, colleagues talking to each other or passing by. The decor and materials in the physical rooms can also be the reason, why you experience problems with the acoustics. If ceilings, walls and floors are made of hard materials such as concrete, glass, steel or plaster, this can also create poor acoustics in the office.

This is how you can solve problems with poor acoustics in the office
There are several options to solve the problem of the bad acoustics in the company office. First of all, it is important to uncover why and how the problems of poor acoustics occur. Here you can consult with an acoustic engineer, who can investigate the problem and recommend the most optimal solution for your particular office space. Peter Chapman is an acoustic engineer, and can help make sound measurements and make recommendations for acoustic solutions.

Next, you can look at the physical frames such as ceilings, walls and floors, which are large surfaces in a room and which play a significant role in room acoustics. If ceilings, walls and floors are made of hard materials such as concrete or plaster, it will create poor acoustics in the room as the sound is not broken when it is sent around the room. Therefore, replace with softer materials such as wood, which in itself has a sound-absorbing effect. In addition, decorate the office with other soft furnishings, such as rugs, curtains and plants, that will also create a sound-absorbing effect in the room.

Therefore, you must furnish the office with acoustic panels in wood
In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on acoustics in the interior design of existing and new buildings. Acoustic panels are very popular in the interior design of rooms, where poor acoustics are experienced. A wood acoustic panel creates improved acoustics, while adding wood to the room gives a warm and natural atmosphere. The advantage of acoustic panels is that they can be mounted on entire surfaces or as smaller decorations on ceilings and walls. Wooden acoustic panels are also a beautiful design solution, that creates an inspiring work environment in the office.

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