Interior decoration for spring

In this guide you can get good advices and inspiration to make the house ready for the spring.

Inspiration for renovation projects
If you have the time and desire for a slightly larger construction project, you can renovate the existing
rooms in the house. A popular trend is to decorate a single wall in a room. You can mount a wooden wall
covering or paint the wall. This one wall will add edge and personality in the room. Use the wall to focus on something as the wall differs from the other walls in the room.

Decorate with light shades of colors
Use the light color shades from the season to highlight the design elements in the house. After
the cold and dark winter months, the house needs light to enter the rooms. If you have a dark room it is a good idea to mount light shaded wooden coverings on the ceiling, walls and the floor. The large light surfaces such as ceilings, walls or floors creates an impressive effect in a dark room.

Make a unifying principle through the selection of the material
Mainly use the same materials in as many rooms as possible. It creates a unifying principle in the interior decoration in the house. The selection of materials have a huge impact of the overall impression of a home. The house seems more welcoming to stay in, the more the interaction between materials and colors. You can create a spring mood with light shades and make some contrasts with dark design elements and natural materials.

Decorate with new interior
Use the spring months to create a new and fresh style of interior in the home. Replace old and worn
furniture with new interior. The new interior can easily be sustainable, so you do not replace interior with a function. You can decorate the house based in the popular interior trends in 2020. Read more about the interior trends in 2020 in one of our previous posts.

Easy maintenance and cleaning
Consider how the house can be decorated with interior, that is easy and quick to maintain and clean. On the long run it will save you time on maintenance.