Interior design for settlers

As a settler there will be some considerations and choices, you need to take and deal with in the building process. Read the guide below and get inspiration for the new construction of your home.

Choose durable materials
It is a good idea to choose materials with a long durability and a good quality. The furniture in a new house should be durable for a number of years. Wood is a natural material, that can be used for both furniture, floors and coverings for walls and ceilings. As a material, wood has some strong properties, which can withstand daily use and ensure stability. The structure in the surface of the wood can change over time, because wood is a material from the nature. It is possible to create different expressions with wood as material because it occurs in different types of wood and surface treatments. Hard materials, like glass, concrete and steel are often being used in new house constructions, but wood brings a warm and cozy atmosphere into the house.

Furnishing with a good indoor climate in focus
If you are going to built a new house, then it is important to make good solutions for indoor climate with focus on good acoustic and energy saving, that has been adapted to the future demands of environment and climate. You can decorate the wall, ceilings and floors with sound-absorbing material and create a better acoustic environment in the room. Choose interior solutions and materials with a raw or varying surface, which are able to absorb the sound around in the room. You can create design solutions made of sustainable and recycled materials. Soft design objects such as rugs and pillows also contribute to an improved acoustic experience in the room.

A personal home
Choose interior that reflect your personality. If you love colors, you can, for example, apply wall coverings to a wall in a striking color. Decorate with furniture and design objects with distinctive colors and create different colors combinations. You can use personal items and heirlooms such as pictures, vases, tables, candlesticks and the like to create a personal home decoration. Complete the personal expression with flowers and plants.

Achieve balance between functionality and aesthetics
The most optimal interior design solutions are created focusing on both the functional and the design expression as well as aesthetics. Therefore, choose solutions that are practical in relation to use, cleaning and assembly, where you at the same time have a beautiful visual experience. You can, for example, choose multifunctional products that can be used for several purposes. Design and aesthetics create the unity of the home decoration – therefore choose products that add value and give you joy ever day.

Choose solutions, that fit into your daily life
In new house constructions there are an obvious opportunity to build and furnish the house exactly according to your needs and wishes. It is therefore imperative, that you consider, what needs are important for you in your everyday life. Consider the location of furniture, the time for maintenance, cleaning and the need for space in the various rooms and interior solutions. For example, you can take note of the things, that irritate you in your current home, or what you are looking for in an interior design solution. Find inspiration in housing magazines, on the social media or in your own network.