How to decorate your home interior in 2020

In this guide we present some of the interior design trends that will emerge and reign in 2020.

Sustainable development and recycling
This year the interior design of the house will become more “green”. There will be more emphasis on a more ecological lifestyle. That is why, you should equip your home with recycled furniture and interiors or buy upcycled materials. We see sustainable solutions both in the construction of houses and in their interiors. Try to choose products and interiors with as many sustainable elements and design solutions as possible.

Tailored, individual solutions
One of the trends in residential construction is that we want more individual interior design solutions. Interior design must be both practical, multifunctional and personalized. This imposes requirements on products that can be adapted to the dimensions of individual rooms. In addition, products and components of an interior device should have many applications and can be used in different ways – that is, be available in multifunctional solutions, and at the same time be easy to handle and install, because time is highly valuable in consumers’ daily lives.

Natural materials
In 2020, trends in residential interior design will be inspired by natural materials. Through the way in which interior design will dominate this year, we want to bow to the surrounding nature, using and protecting its resources as much as possible. The climate and the environment have become key words in many aspects, where nature feels the consequences of climate change. That is why, we show respect for the nature materials by introducing them to interior design. Natural materials also work effectively in rooms where our senses are involved, such as the smell of wood, when entering a room.

Minimalistic design
Minimalist and Nordic style are still popular in the interior design of homes. Clean lines and simple aesthetics are easy to use in practice, adding a personal touch to the interior. The apartment can be decorated according to minimalistic rules in several ways. One of them is to equip the apartment with a small number of elements. These design elements should also have simple aesthetics with a small number of details.

Choice of colors
The colors in 2020 should be pastel with blue and green shades as well as in more classic shades, such as burgundy and black. Color shades that have a more worn and rustic look are also popular in this year’s trends. The choice of colors also reflects the culture, we are increasingly looking for, where we want to obtain a peaceful oasis at home. That’s why subdued and natural colors can have a powerful effect here.

Comfort and free space
Interior decoration in 2020 should provide peace, depth and creativity within the home. Many people are busy on a daily basis, so their home should serve as a relaxing base. Therefore, when decorating our homes, we should place emphasis on well-being and free space to feel good energy in them. An example of this is the introduction of nature into our homes.