How to decorate the home in 2019

How to decorate the house in 2019? Read the blog below and get inspiration for decoration. We give some inspiration for the newest interior trends in 2019.


In 2019 the color palette is inspired from the earlier decades. The colors from the 1970s is a part of the interior trends. Red, brown, orange and yellow colors are very popular this year. In context to earlier decades, the colors must have a mat and delicate expression. The classical blue color is still a often used color in 2019.


The tendencies about materials is inspired by the nature. Materials such as wood, clay, marble, stone and other clean nature materials is the new trend to decorate the house with. The nature materials are used for furniture, interior and as coverings for ceiling and walls. These natural materials create silence and peace in our everyday and interior design in the room.

Forms and patterns:

2019 is a year with focus on the forms with based on the organic, round, soft and oval forms. Form expression like repeats and volume are going to break the hard materials such as glass, steel and concrete, as earlier interior trends. Symmetric and burnt structures with stripes and herringbone patterns are becoming very popular.

Style and aesthetics:

As in previous years, the interior trends in 2019, is the Nordic and minimalistic style with a focus on a simple and “clean” aesthetic. You get this interior style by decorating with nature materials such as wood in symmetric and organic forms.

Functionality and use:

The interior design in 2019 should give space for freedom, play and creativity. It is important to express your personality through the interior design. The house should be a calm and relaxing space with sound reducing products to create balance in the room. To get a peaceful decoration, to can decorate with wood, pillows and blankets for optimal acoustic conditions in the interior design.

Experiences, feelings and culture:

The home needs to be a nice place to stay in. Therefore, one of the interior trends this year is the Danish word for coziness. Create a cozy atmosphere with focus on the above ideas. The interior design in 2019 has a focus on the craftmanship, the soul and the autentic story behind.

Recycling and sustainability:

One of the trends in interior design is sustainability, recycling and upcycling. By decorating with recycled materials, you are helping to cherish the climate and environment for the future. Interior design with sustainable products will give you good conscience and it is a long-term design as well.

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