Kitchen trends 2020: How to decorate the kitchen in 2020

In this guide you can read about the kitchen trends in 2020. Get inspiration on how to decorate the kitchen in 2020, and what trends we will see in the future.

Kitchen-dining rooms are still popular
One of this year’s kitchen trends is the kitchen-dining room, which have been on the market for many years. In a busy everyday life, a lot of consumers want a functional kitchen with well-considered solutions. The kitchen arrangement must be adapted to our daily routines. Therefore, drawer solutions with push-on function are popular as both functionality and aesthetics form a synthesis. A kitchen-dining room allows the family to gather at one place in the house, where the parents can cook, while the children can stay in the living room with play activities.

Sustainable and “green” kitchen solutions
One of the biggest kitchen solutions in 2020 is sustainability. Thinking of sustainable solutions in the kitchen has become popular. A sustainable kitchen, for example, can be made from recycled materials. Sustainability characterizes not only the kitchen trends, but also other aspects of our everyday life. The kitchen is an obvious room to bring more sustainability into the house. For example, to get a sustainable kitchen solution in recycled material or wood, which is a sustainable material in itself. Sustainability is also entering the kitchen with an increased focus on minimizing good waste and recycle as much as possible. Therefore, long-term solutions and durability are some important factors in the sustainable kitchen in the future.

Natural materials and colors
According to the kitchen trends in 2020, warm colors as well as blue and green shades are popular. These colors creates silence and harmony in the kitchen, and makes it possible to concentrate about the cooking. The natural color and texture from wood is also an applied shade to the kitchen design in 2020.
The combination of light and dark wood creates a subdued atmosphere in the kitchen. The trend with full gloss kitchen solutions is to a greater extend replaced by the natural solutions with solid wood. Many consumers want to bring the nature into the kitchen, where wood is an obvious material.

Carpenter kitchen and the good craftmanship
Wood is a popular material for the kitchen in 2020. Therefore, the trend these years, is that more and more consumers want a kitchen built by a carpenter, made from solid materials and made of good craftmanship. The kitchen may be handcrafted according to the old carpentry and craft traditions with a focus on the solid constructions and small details. Kitchen fronts made of wooden slats have become popular for the kitchen design, as is breaks with the minimalistic design and at the same time gives a beautiful detail and streamlined aesthetics to the kitchen.

Customized solutions and a personal touch
More consumers want to add their personal touch to the kitchen. Today, the home has become a place to show our identity through the interior solutions. Therefore, customized overall solutions are a popular kitchen trends in 2020. The kitchen is a room with a lot of opportunities to create personal solutions with colors, materials, special designed modules and drawer solutions.