Should you choose light or dark kitchen fronts?

Should you choose dark or light kitchen fronts for your kitchen? Read our guide below and learn more about which kitchen fronts to choose.

Dark kitchen fronts

Dark kitchen fronts can create more depth and a masculine look in the kitchen. A dark kitchen front will be resistant to dirt, but it can also get dirty. If you choose a dark brown front, you are well covered in terms of cleaning and visibility of stains and the like.

The dark kitchen front has become more and more popular in recent years, where for many years it has been white high gloss, that has been used in many Danish kitchens. With a dark kitchen front, you get closer to nature. In addition, a dark kitchen front can often create a contrast to the room’s often lighter colors on ceilings and walls.

Bright kitchen fronts

If you choose a light kitchen front, you get a light and feminine design expression in the kitchen. If the kitchen front consists of light untreated wood, you can see the wood structure, which adds a natural look. However, a light kitchen front in wood can get patina over time, as the light wood changes expression, and gets a darker glow when the wood “works”.

On a bright kitchen front, there is a risk of seeing stains and other dirt. However, a light kitchen front is easy to sand down and surface treat. A light kitchen front contributes to a greater sense of space, as the light color shade opens up the room more.

Should you choose a light or dark kitchen front?

There are both pros and cons to light or dark kitchen fronts. When choosing kitchen fronts, consider what design expression and aesthetics you want. A light and a dark front can give vastly different moods and sense of space in the kitchen. In addition, you can consider functionality in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Next, you can choose the front based on the existing interior design and your personal taste.

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NORTO KitchenUP køkken. Ubehandlet skuffefront med greb
NORTO KitchenUP køkken. Skuffefront med sort olie og greb