Product news in autumn 2019

The NORTO product range has been extended with new product categories

In autumn 2019, NORTO expanded its product range to include completely new product categories. We have developed a robust, solid pine floor made of face planks made from solid wood. We called it NORTO FloorUP pine floor. In autumn we were also able to present another new category of products from our assortment. Our employees have developed a recycled kitchen interior, which is also made of residual wood from the wood industry. The kitchen was named NORTO KitchenUP. The new kitchen solution is available with different fronts that differ in terms of color and surface texture. The kitchen module itself, all drawers, back coverings and worktops are made of solid residual wood. Both NORTO KitchenUP and NORTO FloorUP are still under development.

New recycled ceiling and wall coverings

We have also added new finishes to our existing product range. As for the novelties, we are currently working on an acoustic panel for the ceiling. This ceiling cladding consists of solid panels with milled grooves. We have named this new product NORTO Toft. In addition, we have created a rustic and natural wall covering for wooden slats from surplus production. The slats have different lengths and thicknesses and, when folded, they form a three-dimensional wall covering. This product is called NORTO Munk.
Due to many product novelties we decided to name the product categories focusing on upcycling. Therefore, our product categories for ceilings, walls, floors and kitchens have been named accordingly: NORTO CeilingUP, NORTO WallUP, NORTO FloorUP and NORTO KitchenUP.

Upcycled by NORTO

As part of a new initiative we have developed a rustic brand called “Upcycled by NORTO”. It is a symbol confirming that all NORTO products are made of recycled materials. This means that to develop our wooden products we have used residual wood that would otherwise have been thrown away or burned. We place this brand on our products so that the customer has no doubt that his NORTO product is made from ecological raw materials.

Participation in Building Green

In the fall of 2019, a representative of NORTO participated in the Joint Inspirational Space for Sustainable Creativity at Building Green trade fair. There we shared some of our product news to inspire other companies and stakeholders to create sustainable building solutions. NORTO product innovations will constitute part of all Building Green trade fairs hosted in Denmark and Germany in 2020.