Erhvervsforum in Holstebro holds a large award show, where various business culture prizes are awarded. The awards are divided into 6 different categories with 3 nominations in each. We are super proud that we in NORTO has been nominated for the award: Sustainability Culture of the Year. On the following is described about the price:

“The prize for best sustainability culture is given to a company in Holstebro Municipality that, within the last year or so, has managed to focus on the sustainable agenda and implemented it in its own organisation.”

A prestigious award and nomination, which is also a pat on the back for us and the other nominees. This proves that the good NORTO story that we are trying to tell has not gone unnoticed and this in itself is a victory for us. At NORTO, we hope that we can help inspire others to place a greater focus on sustainability and show that it is not necessarily always the cheap and easy solution that is the only right one.

The award show will be held on 11 November and this is where the winners of the various categories are announced. Here you can see the categories and vote for the various candidates.