NORTO wins the Sustainability Culture Award, which was awarded at a large Award Show in Holstebro. The award is given to a company that, within the last year or so, has managed to focus on the sustainable agenda and implemented initiatives in its own organisation.

“I am incredibly proud that we won the Sustainability Culture Award in Holstebro municipality. That we in NORTO should be involved tonight, I never dreamed was possible, when we went to the market with the first products in NORTO about two years ago”, says Jacob Wernberg, who in addition to being Director of NORTO also is Director of the sister company VTI, which supplies the majority of the raw material in NORTO.

“Unfortunately, at VTI we inevitably have a large amount of waste that was previously burned. Now we are in a situation where we recycle a really large part of it. For me, the incentive with NORTO was that we should show respect to nature by using its resources to the fullest”.

The establishment of NORTO is a tale of an innovative adventure combined with a love of wood, forest and nature – and with a desire to give something back to nature. The wood originally comes from certified sustainable forestry, which ensures that wildlife and people have had good living conditions in the Northern European forests.

As the wood is a residual material, the products in NORTO have visible knots, pith and annual rings, which show the tree’s life and growth in the Nordic forests. The wood comes from pine, and since the wood is arbitrary cuts, the quantities and dimensions depend on waste from the individual productions. The most important thing is simply THAT the wood is used – and on top of that for the production of naturally beautiful and stylish interior products.

At NORTO, we have a strong ambition to reduce residual materials and increase the use of upcycled materials. By recycling nature’s precious resources, we leave a positive impact on the climate. Wood is the world’s most climate- and environmentally friendly raw material, i.a. because it is CO2-neutral. The basic prerequisite for wood’s CO2 neutrality is that the forest area is preserved and that no more wood is felled in the forests than the ongoing growth. Therefore, it is important that we take full advantage of it, even if it is not the easiest or cheapest solution.

All residual wood must be manually sorted out before it hits the container, and then it must go through the entire production process one more time. It would be easier to produce with new wood – but in no way as sustainable!

NORTO has, among other things, delivered the sustainable brick floor to the School of Architecture in Aarhus, which opened in October 2021, and which was nominated for the Design Award 2022, in the category “Save Resources”. NORTO has also delivered the brick floor to the Novo Nordisk innovation Lab, where all materials were upcycled.

NORTO is located in Vinderup by Holstebro. NORTO transforms residual wood from the production of glulam into exclusive wall and ceiling panels, floors and kitchens for primarily B2B.