Sustainable floors of upcycled end wood blocks in the Innovation Lab at Novo Nordisk

The large Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk has had their premises decorated with sustainable floors in the company’s Innovation Lab. NORTO has supplied upcycled end wood blocks from the NORTO FloorUP product series, which have been cut from and which have been left over from the production of windows. Instead of throwing out the raw wood, it has been recycled and upcycled so that it can now be used for solid brick floors.

The end wood blocks are laid as solid floor areas in several places at Novo Nordisk. In the Innovation Lab, end wood blocks have also been laid on each landing in the room. In addition, meeting rooms are also furnished with solid and upcycled brick floors.

As the wooden blocks are residual wood from window production, there will be natural details in the wooden structure such as marrow, knots and annual rings. These unique details add a distinctive look and pattern to the wooden blocks, creating a lively and natural play for the floor.

Innovation Lab at Novo Nordisk is also made from the company’s own waste materials, which are also upcycled and converted into usable products, such as table tops.

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NORTO Toft akustikpanel i træ som vægdekoration i stue
NORTO Skov 135 vægdekoration i træ