Wall and ceiling coverings made of slats are popular interior trends

In these years, different types of coverings in wood are a popular interior product to decorate homes, businesses and public buildings with. Read more about why coverings made of slats have gained great popularity in recent years.

Benefits of wood covering of slats

There are several benefits of using wooden coverings for interior design. The coverings have a minimalistic design expression, that matches the Nordic interior design style, that a lot of people want these days. A covering of wood slats also has a natural look, as more people want to decorate with sustainable materials from nature. Sustainability has also become a trend and a focus area in the interior design trends. Wood also has a good acoustic effect in large rooms with hard materials. In addition, the design of the wood slats upholstery breaks with the completely white shades, that we have seen in recent years in the interior design.

Interior design options with wood covering of slats

The wooden covering of slats have many uses and this may be one of the reasons, why they have become popular. A covering of wood slats can be used both on the ceiling or the wall. In addition, the coverings og slats can function as a decorative element or as a real covering in the room. Several restaurants, hotels, businesses and shops also use wood coverings on the front at a reception, bar or on the walls.

Reasons why wood coverings of slats are popular

The growing interest in slats with light wood shades and black tracks may be due to the minimalistic design expression. It is easy to decorate with a covering along with other design elements in a room. A wood covering of slats creates both depth and extends the size of the room. In large rooms with high ceilings, a wooden covering of slats creates a beautiful visual “wow effect”. The symmetrical shape of the covering is united in the Nordic and minimalistic style, at the same time as nature is part of the covering.