NORTO offers exclusive quality interior products for ceilings, walls, floors and kitchen modules made from upcycled natural materials. An interior product from NORTO adds a strong visual expression to the room and creates a natural atmosphere in the interior. Our products are made from certified wood from managed forests in Northern Europe.

Sustainable wooden interior for ceiling, wall, floor or kitchen

NORTO’s product range includes interior wooden cladding for ceilings and walls, floor solutions and kitchen solutions for private homes, businesses and public buildings. The products are created based on good craftsmanship traditions, a Nordic design philosophy and solid natural materials based on a sustainable way of thinking. Our sustainable products in residual wood provide countless opportunities to create personal design and furnishing solutions. All wooden products in our product range are made of pine, but the products have very different design expressions. We name our product range with Danish surnames, as the products are manufactured by skilled employees in Denmark – and several of the product names also have references to elements in the forest and nature.

More information about NORTO’s sustainable product range

Click on one of the product groups below and get an insight into NORTO’s products. On each product page you will find a product description, a description of maintenance, inspiration images and a schedule with the option to download assembly instructions, product sheets and other technical documents about the product. You are of course also always welcome to contact us to get more information about our products.



NORTO WallUP is a sustainable product category consisting of various wall decorations made from residual wood from the production of furniture, stairs…



NORTO CeilingUP are various sustainable ceiling coverings made from upcycled wood from residual production in the furniture, staircase and window industry.

NORTO Holm sustainable wooden acoustic panels in the meeting room.


NORTO KitchenUP is a sustainable kitchen made of upcycled solid residual wood from furniture and window production. The raw material for the kitchen series…

NORTO Holm sustainable wooden acoustic panels in the meeting room.


NORTO FloorUP are upcycled endwood blocks from window production that become solid block floors. The natural details of the blocks such as knobs, annual rings and…

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