Sustainable, fire-approved and stylish ceiling covering in residual wood

NORTO Friis are sustainable and fire-approved wooden panels for ceiling cladding. The wooden panels are made from upcycled residual wood from the production of window profiles. The remaining wood is sorted out, as the window industry makes high demands on the wood. The residual wood deserves to be recycled for other purposes, as it does not fail. Therefore, the unique character of the residual wood with knots, pith and annual rings can now bring nature inside as ceiling covering in the interior.


NORTO Friis are sustainable and fire-approved solid pine panels for ceiling cladding. The wooden panels are made from upcycled wooden slats from residual production of window profiles.

In the standard range, the NORTO Friis panels are available in a length of 2500 mm, in a cover width of 205 mm and in a thickness of 17.7 mm in an untreated or fully painted variant. The wooden panels have tongue and groove on the sides and ends. The NORTO Friis panels can also be used as wall cladding.

The plastered surface of the ceiling panels with bevelled edges creates a minimalist and Nordic design that fits in with many interior designs. Wood has sound-reducing properties and therefore the wooden panels will contribute to improved acoustics when installed on the ceiling.

NORTO Friis panels are suitable as ceiling coverings in, for example, office environments, waiting rooms, receptions and in cafe and restaurant environments.

Fire approval
The NORTO Friis ceiling panels have received fire approval K1 10, D-s2,d0 (applies only to the untreated variant). The wall panels are tested according to European fire requirements and standards by DBI and RISE.

K1 10 is a fire test for the material itself and its reaction to fire in relation to burn-through.
D-s2,d0 is a fire test in relation to smoke and heat development in the event of a fire. In a fire, smoke generation is the most critical condition.
The fire approval K1 10, D-s2,d0 corresponds to fire class 2, which applies to buildings for private residence (not public buildings). If a higher fire class (class 1) is desired, the NORTO Friis panels can be fire impregnated or surface treated with fire retardant paint.
The instructions in the assembly instructions and applicable building regulations must be complied with in order for the ceiling panels to meet the fire approval.

See more product specifications below.
In the case of inquiries about other dimensions and colours, it can be agreed for specific projects for larger quantities.


Product type:

Ceiling covering in wood

Wood species and origin:

Pine (certified wood from managed forests in Northern Europe)


Glued together untreated pine panels


Standard range:
Length: 2500 mm
Width: 205 mm
Thickness: 17,7 mm

Other measures: For inquiries on larger quantities.



Other colours: For inquiries on larger quantities.

Fire classification:

K1 10, D-s2,d0 (approved as unprocessed)

Other specifications:

Weight per panel:
4,5 kg

Number of m2 per panel:
0,51 m2

Product sample:
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Product sheet:
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Assembly instructions:
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NORTO Friis – inspiration

Recycling of raw wood
Produced in Denmark

Good acoustics

Easy and quick assembly

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