Sustainable brick floors from upcycled residual wood

NORTO FloorUP are upcycled end wood blocks for solid block floors. The blocks are leftover wood from window production, as different wood structures and the window industry’s high demands on the wood result in less waste in the production process. With the desire to protect the materials of the forest, the wooden blocks have not gone to waste, but recycled into authentic, natural and strong brick floors. The natural details of the blocks such as knobs, annual rings and pith create a unique and dynamic design solution for the floor.


NORTO FloorUP are upcycled, solid and untreated end wood blocks in pine for floors. The wooden blocks are offcuts from the production of window profiles.

As the blocks are residual wood, they are available in different dimensions, as it depends on the waste from the individual productions.

NORTO FloorUP are robust and durable wooden blocks for floors of the highest quality. The circular patterns of the wooden blocks from the end tree’s annual rings create an aesthetic, authentic and natural block floor. The blocks create a solid construction and strength that contributes to a long durability for the enjoyment of future generations.

Endwood blocks are suitable for floors in larger rooms in, for example, hotels, educational institutions, companies, public buildings, museums or concert halls.

Reference projects
NORTO FloorUP is laid as brick floors in auditoriums, workshops, meeting rooms and corridors at the newly built Aarhus School of Architecture. The brick floors have been developed in collaboration with A:GAIN. At Novo Nordisk, NORTO FloorUP brick floors have been laid in their newly built Innovation Lab. The contractor company, Færch og Co., has installed NORTO FloorUP floors in their new office department in Odense. Read more about the reference projects and see pictures.

See more product specifications below.


Product type:

End wood blocks for floors

Wood species and origin:

Pine (certified wood from managed forests in Northern Europe)


Massive untreated endwood blocks in pine


As the blocks are leftover wood, they are available in varying sizes and dimensions, as it depends on leftovers in production.



Other specifications:

11 kg per m2 w/22 thick bricks

Delivered loose on a pallet for larger quantities

Product sample:
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Product sheet:
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Assembly instructions:
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NORTO FloorUP – inspiration

Recycling of raw wood
Produced in Denmark

Good acoustics

Easy and quick assembly

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