​Sustainable acoustic cladding for the sound studios Sound Art Lab in Struer

In the summer of 2021, NORTO has supplied wood cladding to the Sound Art Lab. Sound Art Lab is a national workshop for sound and art in Struer, and is located in Bang & Olufsen’s former administration premises in Struer next to Sound Hub Denmark. Sound Art Lab offers sound studios, workshops and studios where users can explore the interplay between sound and art through courses, lectures and development projects.

In collaboration with Peter Chapman from PC Sound & Acoustics, NORTO has provided sound-absorbing wall coverings for the design of the sound studios and the corridors outside the sound studios. PC Sound & Acoustics has been a consulting engineer and was responsible for the final layout as well as sound measurements of the wall cladding’s acoustic effect in the sound studios.

Sound Art Lab consists of one large and three smaller sound studios. In several of the smaller sound studios, NORTO Holm and NORTO Dahl wall coverings have been installed. In the corridors outside the sound studios, untreated NORTO Bech wood panels are mounted on the walls. The sound studios have soundproofed windows and doors as well as acoustic curtains to create the optimal conditions for testing and working with sound products and art. The sound studios are uniform in construction, however, for example, sound studios 2 and 3 are mirrored in relation to the installation of NORTO’s wood cladding. In these sound studios, the reverberation time is 0.25 sec. In several of the corners, a cladding with slats is fitted to get a low-frequency absorption in the corners.

The large sound studio consists of NORTO Holm acoustic panels on the wall up to one of the smaller sound studios. On the opposite side, a smaller acoustic field with NORTO Holm panels is mounted. The colors of the walls and doors are the same as in the Sound Art Labs logo.

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Sound Art Lab lydstudie med NORTO Holm akustikpaneler som vægbeklædning
Sound Art Lab lydstudie med gul dør
Peter Petersen CEO og Rie Kold Pripsø, CCO hos Sound Hub Denmark
Sound Art Lab lydstudie med grøn væg med NORTO Holm akustikpaneler