Mar 2, 2021

How to decorate the living room with a focus on sustainability

The living room is often one of the most used living spaces in the home. Therefore, it is important that the living room is optimally furnished for different purposes. Read this guide and get inspired to decorate your living room according to sustainable principles.

This is something you need to be aware of when decorating your living room
Whether you need to decorate the living room in your new building, make a renovation or just give the living room an upgrade, there are several factors that are important to consider. First of all, you need to get ready for what the living room is going to be used for. Should the living room be a TV room? Is the living room a space where there should be room for the children’s play? Is it important that the living room can accommodate many guests for dinner parties? Should there be a lot or a few furniture in the living room?

In order for you to make optimal use of the space, it is important to furnish the living room functionally. Therefore, decorate with furniture and fixtures, that have several functions. Consider how the fixtures are positioned so that there is room for passage in the living room, so you do not have to move the furniture around too often.

You can also with benefits consider how to create a healthy and good indoor climate in the living room. Decorate with healthy natural materials and get a good indoor climate. With changing weather throughout the year, it can be cold or hot in the living room. Therefore, use materials that are easy to maintain and that maintain a healthy indoor climate. Here, wood is a good and healthy natural material, which also creates good acoustics.

Use your creativity to personalize the decor in the living room
The living room is a room with many options to put your personal touch on the interior design of the room. In the living room there is often a section with TV room and a dining room. Use the different purposes of the room to unfold your creativity with special interior design solutions.

For example, you can decorate one of the end walls or the wall behind the TV with a different color shade or material than the other walls. It creates a decoration in itself, and at the same time it breaks with the other walls of the room. You can also set up a decoration in the dining room, which creates an aesthetic environment when you have guests visiting. Wood wall decorations are available in many different shapes, expressions and designs – whether you are for the minimalist or more rustic interior style. Make the wall decoration in the living room more personal and mount shelves, hangers, pictures and the like. on the outside of the wall decoration.

How to decorate the living room with a focus on sustainability
In recent years, sustainability has become an increasing part of the interior design of the home. Sustainability can be integrated into the living room decor in several ways.

Get a sustainable interior design in the living room and use interiors made of sustainable materials. Wood is a sustainable material. When you choose certified wood, it means that you are helping to reproduce the forests, where more new trees are planted than are felled. Therefore, decorate with interior of wood or recycled materials so that you contribute to the green conversion.

NORTO offers a selection of different ceiling and wall coverings as well as wooden blocks for floors, which you can use in the decor of the living room. The interior products from NORTO are also made from wood residues from the wood industry. Replacing the ceiling or installing a single wall decoration can often be enough to give the living room a whole new look. If you make small changes and use recycled materials, you also get a sustainable interior design of the living room.

Do you need more inspiration for decorating the living room?

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