Acoustics and sustainability are combined in new interior design solutions at Sound Hub Denmark
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How to use 12,000 tons of wood residues?
Every year, the West Jutland company Vinderup Træindustri has more than 12,000 tons of wood residues, that have been sorted out in production. This is because the wood cannot be utilized optimally for the intended purpose – namely the production of glulam boards for the furniture, window and stair industry. With a desire to utilize wood, the noble natural resource, most optimally, NORTO was established. The 12,000 tons of wood waste are i.a. has been used for upcycled ceiling and wall coverings as well as floor and kitchen solutions that both private and business customers can buy.

In a collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark, we have just been able to tell the good story of sustainability, upcycling and recycling of residual wood from the wood industry. Sound Hub Denmark, which is the world’s first international innovation and technology hub for entrepreneurs and start-ups, works every day with the development of sound and acoustic products. Precisely, Sound Hub Denmark, with their competencies and network within sound and acoustics, has been of great importance in the development of NORTO’s acoustic ceiling and wall panels. Sound Hub Denmark has created the framework for us to develop, test and experiment with sound and acoustic solutions in the product development of NORTO’s acoustic ceiling and wall panels.

The collaboration with Sound Hub Denmark has meant that several corridors and meeting rooms at Sound Hub Denmark have been decorated with sustainable acoustic solutions from NORTO. Several of the wall decorations are specially designed to support Sound Hub Denmark’s vision and history. Read more about the history behind the individual wall decorations below.

Specially designed and sustainable NORTO Toft acoustic panels in hallway area at “The Cube”

We have specially designed several of the acoustic solutions based on Sound Hub Denmark’s visions of sound and acoustics. An example is i.a. NORTO Toft the acoustic panels, where the recesses are made in a pattern, that it looks like a sound wave, with the word “The Cube”, when it is pronounced. The NORTO Toft panels are mounted on the walls outside The Cube, which is a square sound space located in the middle of Sound Hub Denmark’s premises.

Sustainable NORTO Holm acoustic panels in meeting room

The meeting room “Reverb” at Sound Hub Denmark has been given a new aesthetic expression with the acoustic panels NORTO Holm, which are mounted on the end wall of the room. The NORTO Holm acoustic panels are made of square end wood blocks that are mounted on the outside of a sustainable and fire-approved acoustic felt. The acoustic panels create a three-dimensional aesthetic in the room, while improving the acoustics. The NORTO Holm panels also create a warm and natural space environment in the otherwise raw decor in the meeting room.

Tree trunk decoration of sustainable NORTO Skov 135 end wood blocks

Another example of a specially designed interior design solution in Sound Hub Denmark’s premises is a wall decoration with NORTO Skov 135 end wood blocks, which are mounted on the wall in a pattern, where it represents a tree trunk with branches. The wall decoration has been named “Growth Tree”, and was designed by architect Rune Dybkjær from Møller Nielsen’s Design Studio in Struer. This wall decoration is both a tale that the raw material comes from trees, and at the same time the raw end wood blocks contribute to a better indoor climate and good acoustics in the room.

17 meter long work of art designed as a sound wave by NORTO Munk wooden moldings

At Sound Hub Denmark, wooden moldings from the NORTO Munk product series are used in a specially designed wall solution in a corridor area. The story behind this design solution is based on Sound Hub Denmark’s work with sound, as the panels are placed on the wall so that they form a pattern like a sound wave. Sales and marketing manager, Rie Kold Pripsø, has voted for the recording of a sound wave, in which she pronounces “Sound Hub Denmark”. The sound wave is seen as the light wooden lamellas in the wall decoration.

The specially designed wall decorations at Sound Hub Denmark are a beautiful example of how a story about sound can be expressed in an aesthetic, sound-absorbing and sustainable design.

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NORTO Skov 135 vægdekoration udformet som træ i mødelokale hos Sound Hub Denmark  NORTO Skov 135 vægdekoration monteret som træ hos Sound Hub Denmark      NORTO Holm akustikpaneler i træ på endevæg i mødelokale  NORTO Holm akustikpaneler i træ som vægbeklædning i mødelokale  NORTO Toft akustikpaneler i træ som vægbeklædning hos Sound Hub DenmarkAkustikpaneler monteret på væggen på The Cube hos Sound Hub Denmark