Sustainable wooden ceiling covering mounted on a houseboat

In collaboration with Frøslev Træ, NORTO has delivered the materials for a reference project with a houseboat. Frøslev Træ has supplied oak boards for the floors, while NORTO has supplied sustainable wood panels for the houseboat’s ceiling. The wooden ceiling is made of solid pine slats from the residual production of windows. The black-painted traces of the list covering and the light pine create a beautiful contrast in the color expression and the surface structure. The interior design solutions with wood on the houseboat emphasize the boat’s close contact with nature – both in terms of location in the water and the choice of natural materials.

Træloft på husbåd
Listebeklædning som træloft på husbåd
Loftbeklædning i træ på husbåd
Listeloft på husbåd