Metsä bringer artikel om NORTO i deres eget magasin Timber

The sawmill and wood company Metsä Fiber has written an article about NORTO in their own magazine Timber.

The article deals with the creation of NORTO, and how residual wood from glulam production from VTI Vinderup Træindustri is transformed into aesthetic interior products for ceilings, walls, floors and kitchens.

CEO, Jacob Wernberg, puts into words why upcycled products are more expensive to produce. It requires more processes and resources to recycle leftovers for new products. The philosophy behind NORTO is therefore that you buy into the good story of upcycling and sustainability, where you get a product in solid wood, where design and functionality go up in a higher unit.

For many years, Metsä Group has supplied VTI Vinderup Træindustri with wood, and the residual wood from VTI’s production becomes valuable when NORTO uses the residues rather than the wood being thrown out or burned.

The article sheds light on a couple of the reference projects for which NORTO has provided upcycled interior solutions. For example, the Aarhus School of Architecture has had 330,000 wooden blocks laid on the floors of their new building. In addition, the world’s first international innovation and technology hub within sound and acoustics, Sound Hub Denmark, has been fitted with acoustic wall decorations from NORTO. Sound Hub Denmark is supported by the Færch Foundation.

NORTO’s close collaboration with customers often means that new designs and product variants are created. An example of this is the collaboration with the Danish architectural firm Lendager Group, which also uses upcycled and recycled materials in their construction projects.

Read the whole article here on pages 36-39 in the magazine:

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NORTO Holm akustikpanel på væg
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