On this page, all downloads regarding product specifications, assembly instructions, etc. freely available. We update the page continuously with the latest versions of all downloads.

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If you need to build a new home, renovate or remodel, we can offer various types of wood products for the ceiling, wall, floor or kitchen. In our technical data sheets you will find all relevant information about NORTO’s wood products. Below you can freely download assembly instructions, product sheets and logo files. We update the page continuously with new documents or if there are changes to existing instructions.

Documentation and instructions

In our data sheets and guides you will find product technical information about NORTO’s wood products. Our floor and kitchen solutions are still under development, and therefore technical data sheets for these products are not yet available.

The data sheets contain information on measurements, sizes, colours, materials, weight, packaging and various approvals. Regardless of whether you are an architect, builder, craftsman or private individual, we are happy to help advise you in relation to your specific project. The assembly instructions contain simple drawings and explanations about assembly, so it is both quick and easy for everyone to assemble products from NORTO.

In the form below, you can freely download various assembly instructions, product sheets, inspiration patterns and logos, etc.

Use of NORTO’s logo and images

If you wish to use NORTO’s logo or some of our images in marketing contexts, please contact:

Sara Moth
Sales coordinator, NORTO

E-mail: sm@norto.dk eller telefon: +45 3038 4204

You are also welcome to contact us if you need help downloading the documents.

Do you lack answers to technical questions?

If you do not find answers to your wood technical questions in our data sheets, you are always welcome to contact us. It is important to us that you get a detailed insight into our wood products so that the finished result is satisfactory. We want to provide good customer service, and therefore we constantly try to adapt our documentation and instructions to the customers’ wishes and needs. If you are missing information or have doubts about anything else, we would like to hear from you so that we can improve our data sheets.

DGNB Dokumentation CeilingUP & WallUPHent Dokumentation
DGNB Dokumentation FloorUPHent Dokumentation
NORTO Holm (Filt) DokumentationHent Dokumentation
Produktblad NORTO Skov 135Hent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO Leth (210x42 mm)Hent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO Leth (420x84 mm)Hent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO Bech Hent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO DahlHent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO FriisHent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO ToftHent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO MunkHent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO FloorUPHent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO HolmHent produktblad
Produktblad NORTO Lund Hent produktblad
Montagevejledning NORTO Skov 135Hent montagevejledning
Montagevejledning NORTO LethHent montagevejledning
Montagevejledning NORTO Bech Hent montagevejledning
Montagevejledning NORTO DahlHent montagevejledning
Montagevejledning NORTO FriisHent montagevejledning
Montagevejledning NORTO ToftHent montagevejledning (med forbehold for ændringer)
Montagevejledning NORTO MunkHent montagevejledning (med forbehold for ændringer)
Montagevejledning NORTO FloorUPHent montagevejledning (med forbehold for ændringer)
Montagevejledning NORTO HolmHent montagevejledning (med forbehold for ændringer)
NORTO inspirationsbrochureHent NORTO inspirationsbrochure
NORTO Bech brochureHent NORTO Bech brochure
NORTO Dahl brochureHent NORTO Dahl brochure
NORTO FloorUP brochureHent NORTO FloorUP brochure
NORTO Friis brochureHent NORTO Friis brochure
NORTO Holm brochureHent NORTO Holm brochure
NORTO KitchenUP brochureHent NORTO KitchenUP brochure
NORTO Leth brochureHent NORTO Leth brochure
NORTO Lund brochureHent NORTO Lund brochure
NORTO Munk brochureHent NORTO Munk brochure
NORTO Skov 135 brochureHent NORTO Skov 135 brochure
NORTO Toft brochureHent NORTO Toft brochure
Forslag til mønstre - NORTO LethHent forslag til mønstre med NORTO Leth
NORTO logoHent logo (jpg)
NORTO bomærkeHent bomærke (jpg)

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